M92s black magazines?

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I am in need of 4 mags total, yet hope for 3 slightly different variations of the m92/m95 black plastic mags.

2x 93' dated m95 mags with Tower Mold (Not 94's)

1x (any year) m92s mag with "SAKO" engraving on lower side portion and tower mold burned/ grinded off.

1x 97' dated m92s mag with no markings other than the date mold, which SAKO made in 97 and this version has a nice smooth area were the Tower Mold is (or would be) on the other versions.

PLEASE contact me of you have all of these, or even if you have atleast 2 types of these variations. I will pay good, exact price will depend on the condition.

Please message me here and also email me afterwards.


Hope to hear back as soon as possible.

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