RK62 "Plastic Colored" Magazines


Hoping you guys can help out!
I am doing an article on the history of Finnish RK rifle and magazine history and have tons of info, yet need a few more specimens.

If anyone owns any "Coloured Plastic" RK62/95 *Waffle pattern* Magazines (Lipas) of Unique Color (just NO Green or Black), then I am offering Good money for colors such as White, Gray, Tan, Yellow, and any other unique variations as some are solid plastic and some are half transparent plastic.

There is 1 type of Black version I could use, which has NO side loop, and no steel reinforcements inside or on locking tabs. 100% plastic, same as most of these colored specimens.

Willing to pay VERY good for these old brittle plastic mags, for the sake of expanding my collection and the article I am currently working on about the VKT/FDF testing period on plastic magazines (lipas) in 80's and 90's.

Please contact me if you have, or can locate, any of these! As i will buy, and you can ship locally to my friend in Finland, who will send items to me.

For fast response, you can email me at:

Hope to hear back!