Tutkiva- Various 30rd Lipas (mags w/pics))



I am looking for several variants of Izhmash or Tula (Soviet/Russian) 30 round magazines, Chinese 20rd mags, or any Black (or unique colored) plastic Finnish mags. Also looking for a "Valmet- 60yr *Celebration* plated mag!"

If you have any of these, especially in multiple quantity, please contact me.

(I prefer 7,62x39 to be the mag type.)

Such as:
- "30 or 40 round *Bakelite/ AG4* mags"
- "100 series: Black plastic mags"
- Aluminum: waffle pattern mags"
- Steel: "Face Mold" mags-
They are the version with the Izhmash Mold (Arrow In Triangle) on the FACE of the magazine in the lower middle portion of the mag
- Heavy "Smooth Face" early steel Soviet mags with Finnish Loop on bottom Plate.

Also, any 20 round Chinese mags or Nice Finnish mags, let me know what you have to sell.

Am looking for these in nice quantity, ranging from a few, to 20+ depending what we can work out.

I have pictures of these mags (lippas) that I can send you as reference if you have many types of Russian mags but would like some visuals of what I am looking for.

Message me here, and then please also email me at:
[email protected]

20190420_183014.jpg20170205_231658.jpgAK mags 20s.jpg

Hope to hear back!

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