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    Looking for Bakelite Lippas

    Hi, I am looking for Bakelite Mags (Lippas) preferably in 762x39. If you have several (or more than several to sell) I would buy them if nice. Message me if so, Bests!
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    Tutkiva- Various 30rd Lipas (mags w/pics))

    Hi, I am looking for several variants of Izhmash or Tula (Soviet/Russian) 30 round magazines, Chinese 20rd mags, or any Black (or unique colored) plastic Finnish mags. Also looking for a "Valmet- 60yr *Celebration* plated mag!" If you have any of these, especially in multiple quantity, please...
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    *Plastic Colored* M62/95 TEST Mags/coffins

    Still looking a few more of these mags if any of you here have any (or even just 1) to let go of.
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    M92s black magazines?

    Hi, I am in need of 4 mags total, yet hope for 3 slightly different variations of the m92/m95 black plastic mags. 2x 93' dated m95 mags with Tower Mold (Not 94's) 1x (any year) m92s mag with "SAKO" engraving on lower side portion and tower mold burned/ grinded off. 1x 97' dated m92s mag with...
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    *Plastic Colored* M62/95 TEST Mags/coffins

    Yes, I have found a good amount from direct sources before I ever posted here, I posted here being many enthusiasts and collectors have some of these hidden away, and likely from ties in the past, like a gun show find, or surplus store find, as in the 90s and 00's many were found mixed in with...
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    *Plastic Colored* M62/95 TEST Mags/coffins

    Still Interested!
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    *Plastic Colored* M62/95 TEST Mags/coffins

    Anyone with maybe 1 or 2 of these early Unique Colored plastic 30 round mags to let go of? If so, and ones I like, especially White or Grey, I will pay pretty good for each one if so. Or if any *New Condition* BLACK Plastic m95/m92 versions for a good price, either with Tower engraving, or...
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    *Plastic Colored* M62/95 TEST Mags/coffins

    Hi, I am looking for even more of the late 80's/early 90s "Plastic Colored" test mags (30rds, 762x39) that FDF made during tests that were widely available on the gunshow and Depot/Surplus market ever since the 90s which are widely collected. NO Greens colors! I AM looking for WHITE, GREY...
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    Need moderator help!

    Hi, If you are a moderator of this forum, please send me a private message. Need help with account as soon as possible but do not know how to contact top moderator, as most of the page does not translate to English. Moderator with high authority would be best. Thanks
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    RK-62 jää historiaan – huoli Suomen aseista

    Mild topic shift, but speaking of the RK62, the RK90 was the first prototype to my knowledge (and I think a rumored RK92 or 93) were tested before they made final changes and the RK95 was finally made with the FINAL of MANY plastic magazines tested beforehand. Does anyone have their hands on...