*Plastic Colored* M62/95 TEST Mags/coffins



I am looking for even more of the late 80's/early 90s "Plastic Colored" test mags (30rds, 762x39) that FDF made during tests that were widely available on the gunshow and Depot/Surplus market ever since the 90s which are widely collected.

NO Greens colors! I AM looking for WHITE, GREY, TAN, YELLOW, etc etc.

Will pay VERY good per mag, especially if "WHITE"!

If you are a collector or someone who just has some of these, I need to round off my collection and will make it worth your while!

[email protected]

Or message me here.

Hope to hear back soon!
Anyone with maybe 1 or 2 of these early Unique Colored plastic 30 round mags to let go of? If so, and ones I like, especially White or Grey, I will pay pretty good for each one if so.

Or if any *New Condition* BLACK Plastic m95/m92 versions for a good price, either with Tower engraving, or "preferably" the SAKO engraving. Or a mixture.

Please message me and PLEASE "Email me" also if you have something unique that I colored plastic! My email is in the post above.

PS: Not interested in the common Green versions (with small lower side loop), UNLESS it's a unique green one so dark that it almost looks black, fully brown, or so light green that it almost looks nearly white, then I would like to see pics if so.
No interest in the OD Green or slightly tan green ones, being later in production years the Green ones had major color inconsistencies when made so alot of color differences exist, aside from the pure whites and other "opaque (solid) or partly clear/translucent plastic" colors I mention in my first post, most with no side loop at all.

Hope to hear back!
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Just wondering have you found any of those you are looking for? You have been looking quite a long time
Just wondering have you found any of those you are looking for? You have been looking quite a long time

Yes, I have found a good amount from direct sources before I ever posted here, I posted here being many enthusiasts and collectors have some of these hidden away, and likely from ties in the past, like a gun show find, or surplus store find, as in the 90s and 00's many were found mixed in with the green ones that were sold, although they were grabbed quickly so a ton of the owners are older fellows who are not on forums anymore. Although most large finds were from guys who worked at the factory back then, or ex Depot workers who kept them before the mags could make it to surplus stores. This all started when SAKO took over Valmet and the remaining items they had stored from tests were sold off.

Still looking to see what I may not have yet, being between the few solid colors, their are MANY mixed color variations where they would mix the new color in with the previous one (most common was mixing yellow into White for example) so many go slowly from white to off-white, to like a lemonade color that slowly gets darker yellow, and eventually go to yellow, then orange, then Tan. Most of that type are of the translucent plastic type though which the darker it gets, the less translucent it is. They were for testing purposes only.

I plan to do an article on these once I feel my collection is completed for nice pics, as there is very little publically known about these when it comes to documented info which I have obtained a lot of of, and I MAY make a Finnish version also, being that is the origin of the magazine so it would only be right to do so.

Most of my connections worked in factories or depots during the early 90s and I bought their entire collections, which they found in crates or took home from work, although have met many people who I have made a very good profit from me opposed to what they paid at a gunshow or surplus store a decade or so, back.

I am a magazine collector and the m92s isnt sold where I am, so being I cannot enjoy that nice rifle, I collect mags from it, and the versions before it also.

Most have the same body style as the green that has no side loop, and most lack any steel, then I have some specimens with the 95/92 features from the test periods also, that are very cool looking.
Still looking a few more of these mags if any of you here have any (or even just 1) to let go of.