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Sunday, April 27 June 2010, 13:36 -> 14:38
Terrorist attack in Bugojno

Bombing of Wahhabis in Bugojno. Policeman killed, six wounded. Causevic arrested Harris and Cemal Tojagić members local group of radical Islamists.

Police station in Bugojno was completely destroyed in the powerful explosion that shook the early morning Bugojno. Responsibility for the attack has taken local Wahhabi leader Haris Causevic, also known by his nickname Oks, who was immediately arrested.

The explosion killed a police officer Tariq Ljubuškić, which at the time of the attack was in the police station, while six people were injured.

The item explosion in a parking lot near the police station, destroyed a dozen cars, and the explosion shattered the glass on the buildings far and up to 300 meters from bomaškog attacks.

Causevic, according to police sources in BiH, the explosives detonated a remote control, after which he tried to flee from the scene, but was soon arrested.

During the first examination, paid Causevic names of three accomplices, one of which is Xhemajli Tojagić quickly arrested.

Immediately after the explosion, policiajci armed with automatic weapons were completely blocked by that part of Bugojno, and during the morning in the city has arrived and police minister Tariq Sadiković, as well as a number of experts of Western intelligence agencies, who have ten years following radical Islamists in Bosnia.

The bomb was hidden in one of the cars parked outside the police station in Bugojno, and activated the remote control. I still had no information about which kind of explosives used in the attack.

Sources say how close the investigation Causevic Police planned to blow up the station at the time of the scheduled meeting related to the provision of a religious meeting in the nearby area Ajvatovica.

Ajvatovici religious gathering in the biggest of its kind in Europe, but the Wahhabis do not recognize the Muslim ritual, and police officials in the bombing of Bosnia's motives in seeking just radical Islamists clash with local believers.

Internet portal "The way the believers," who held the upper Maoca Wahhabis, recently published an article stating that "the activities related to Ajvatovicu do not have their basis or foundation in Islam, and his clear and clear regulations."

"This is one of a negative innovation (be) in the religion which is prohibited by this ... When a negative act of adding more and mixing of men and women, indecent dressing and non-Islamic behavior, and other defects, which occur on this occasion, and that no one prevents or resolves the matter becomes even worse, "the" way of believers. "
Bosnia sydämessämme. Jalkapallo yhdistää jakautuneen Bosnian tavalla, josta poliitikot voivat vain uneksia. Kolme Närpiössä asuvaa bosnialaista matkustaa Kaunasiin seuraamaan maan historian tärkeintä peliä. Toimittaja: Sixten Björkstrand.
Tänään sunnuntaina järjestettyä marssia turvaamassa oli suuri määrä poliiseja, sillä niin konservatiivisten muslimien kuin jalkapallohuligaanienkin pelättiin yrittävän häiritä marssia.

Yli tuhat poliisia oli komennettu turvaamaan tilaisuutta, ja pride sujuikin ilman välikohtauksia.