Bullet 580 large airship first inflation


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E-Greens airships are a major leap in technology from traditional lighter-than-air vehicles much in the same way helicopters added unique capabilities to fixed wing aircraft. Advances made from 18 current patents allow E-Green to offer spherical, as well as bullet-shaped design, with vertical takeoff and landing and five times the lift capability of conventional airships on the market today. They hover, spin and rotate on an axis, and no longer require wind to maintain stability. And, they are green fueled by algae and/or diesel with later versions to run on a hybrid electric engine.

E-Greens airships offer the greatest value proposition for defense, homeland security, disaster relief, remote sensing, communications, missile defense warning, surveillance and navigation, weather monitoring and other needed capabilities, combining low cost and high performance.

E-Green Technology 21st Century Airships (EGT) holds the current world record for high altitude flight (22,000 ft.). E-Green plans to break this record in the next few months by bringing to market the new Bullet 580 airship, 235 feet long, 105 feet wide, 90 feet tall and 65 feet in diameter, making it the largest operating airship in the world. The Bullet 580 has a unique design of seven internal helium envelopes that control lift while the outer envelope is completely non-rigid and contained with simple ambient air much like your everyday moon bounce found at a child's birthday party. The algae fuel is so safe you could actually drink it, if you were so inclined.

The first inflation of the E-Greens Bullet 580 Airship occurred at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama, on Monday, May 17, 2010. Test flights will begin in early summer, 2010. With these flights, the Bullet 580 will look to shatter the world record for airship flight altitude and provide a capability never before achievable by airships. Currently there exists no efficient manned or unmanned system for mid- or high- altitude and long duration flight, between 50,000-75,000 feet with the capability to stay airborne for weeks to months, providing a stable sustainable platform.

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Vanhat Zeppeliinit ja muut isot ilmalaivat oli varmasti vaikuttava näky taivaalla, toivottavasti tulee vielä jotain vastaavia. Cargolifterin projekti oli lupaava, seurasin sitä aikanaan, mutta sekin sitte loppu vaikka rahaa siihen oli löytynyt aika mukavasti ainakin hallista päätellen.