Kansainväliset sotaharjoitukset


MANAMA, Bahrain -- Representatives from 41 nations have assembled in Bahrain to prepare for two solid weeks of a cooperative exercise in the Gulf Region.

International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCMEX) 13, May 6-30 is the largest exercise of its kind in the region and will exercise a wide spectrum of defensive operations designed to protect international commerce and trade; mine countermeasures, maritime security operations (MSO) and maritime infrastructure protection (MIP).
http://www.cusnc.navy.mil/articles/2013/130506 079.html

Aluksien liikennettä voi seurata MarineTraffic-palvelussa. Ei taida olla sotaharjoituksiin osallistuvilla AIS (Automatic Identification System) päällä.