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Venäjä hämmentää kurillaan myös toisella puolen maailmaa1

Russia Announces Military Exercises in Kuril Islands Claimed by Japan
  • Reuters
  • Aug. 12 2014 13:48
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Russia began military exercises in the Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday, a move likely to anger Japan, which also lays claim to them.

"Exercises began involving military units in the region, which have been deployed to the Kuril Islands," Colonel Alexander Gordeyev, a spokesman for Russia's Eastern Military District, told news agency Interfax.

He said more than 1,000 troops, five Mi-8AMTSh attack helicopters and 100 other pieces of military hardware would be involved in the manoeuvres.

The dispute has strained relations Japan and Russia since World War II, when Soviet forces occupied the four islands at the southern end of the Kuril chain. Japan says the islands are part of its territory and wants Moscow to hand them over.

Russia is also at odds with Western powers over what NATO says is its massing of military forces along the border with Ukraine for a possible invasion to boost pro-Russian separatists in the country's east. Moscow denies any such intent.

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Venäjä hämmentää kurillaan myös toisella puolen maailmaa1

No joo, Japani on sentään meidän länsimaiden rintamassa näiden Venäjän pakotteiden ja vastapakotteiden kanssa. Lisäksi Japanin ulkoministeri hra Kishida pyöri kesällä Ukrainassa ja puhui jotain territoriaalisen integriteetin kunnioittamisen tärkeydestä...