Panhard SPHINX


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The SPHINX is a project of armoured vehicle which will be revealed by the French Defence company Panhard, with a presentation of a mock up of the vehicle, during the International Defence Exhibition of Paris, Eurosatory 2010, which will be held from June 14th to 18th 2010. The armoured vehicle Panhard SPHINX belongs to the projects of modernization of the French Army, gathered under the denomination of “Program Scorpion”. The Scorpion program aims “to develop and optimize the total technical-operational performances of the GTIA (Groupements Tactiques Interarmes), in other words to allow the French Army to lead under good conditions the combat “to the contact” with three families of vehicles: an upgrade version of the Leclerc tank, the successor of the VAB Renault ( the standard wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier of the French Army) with the program VBMR (Armored Vehicles Multi-Roles), and the successor of the AMX-10RC with the program EBRC (Armoured Vehicle of Reconnaissance to the Combat). Currently, there remain 340 Leclerc main battle tank in service. There will not be soon less than 250, those which will not be modernized being sold with export, in condition however that the government finds a customer. The second vehicle of the Scorpion program will be the successor of the famous VAB Renault. The vehicle SPHINX belongs to the projects of program EBRC (Armoured Vehicle of Reconnaissance to the Combat). The final project and delivery of the last vehicles for 2025.. The DGA (French Army Agency Armament procurement) envisaged to order 300 EBRC, to deliver as from 2018.

Main technical datas :
6x6 wheels vehicle
"V" shape hull (MRAP)
level 5 protection
17 tons (transportable by A400M and C130)
crew : 3 soldiers
weapons : CTA 40mm gun, machine guns, 4 guided anti tanks missiles.

Mukavan retro tämä Sphinx.

Eikö siinä ole tankkeja suomen?
Meinan Leclercit....jos ranskalla on nyt 340 ja tulevaisussa 250 niin se on 90 myytävänä.

Puheloinen viesti on tulossa sulle:D