Suomi hankkii Mikro-UAV järjestelmiä


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A team led by Avartek Co ky kb, a Finish drones and UAV company submitted its bid for the Finish Defence Forces Micro UAV RFQ, a part of the Finish STAR (Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance systems) program.

The Finish Defence Forces issued a request for proposals on December 11th 2010, for the procurement of Micro UAV systems, as part of the STAR project. The project for the delivery of 30 UAV systems is valued at more than €10 million.

For this project Avartek chose to propose the MicroFalcon AT-11 UAV system, developed by the Israeli company, Innocon. The MicroFalcon AT-11 mini-UAV, is a high performance, small unmanned aerial system, for close range low altitude surveillance missions. The UAV is designed to operate in extreme weather, and under the most demanding conditions. Featuring an extremely robust construction, the MicroFalcon AT-11 system can be operated in any area over any terrain, with very low probability for damage during recovery.