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The UN’s chemical weapons watchdog is expected to release its first report explicitly blaming Bashar al-Assad for sarin and chlorine gas attacks on civilians in Syria as efforts to establish accountability for the use of chemical agents in the nine-year-old conflict gain momentum.

Observers anticipate that public and classified versions of a report by a new unit at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will be published on Wednesday, close to the anniversaries of a major chlorine attack on the then rebel-held Damascus suburb of Douma that killed at least 85 people in 2018 as well as a deadly sarin attack on Khan Sheikhun in 2017 which killed at least 89. The report is believed to focus on 2017 attacks on the village of al-Lataminah.



"At approximately 6:00 on 24 March 2017, an Su-22 military airplane belonging to the 50th Brigade of the 22nd Air Division of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Shayrat airbase, dropped an M4000 aerial bomb containing sarin in southern Ltamenah, affecting at least 16 persons. "

"At approximately 15:00 on 25 March 2017, a helicopter of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Hama airbase, dropped a cylinder on the Ltamenah hospital; the cylinder broke into the hospital through its roof, ruptured, and released chlorine, affecting at least 30 persons. "

"At approximately 6:00 on 30 March 2017, an Su-22 military airplane belonging to the 50th Brigade of the 22nd Air Division of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Shayrat airbase, dropped an M4000 aerial bomb containing sarin in southern Ltamenah, affecting at least 60 persons. "


Ihan ku joku ei haluaisi turkkilaista paskaa tuonne. Ja kyllä tarkoituksella kirjoitin juuri noin. turkki EI ansaitse normaalia kohtelua, on sellainen paskamaa ja johtaja on jotain uskomatonta... Toivottavasti siel ois paljon nuoria jotka ottaisivat vallan vaikka väkisin pois diktaattorilta.



"Anwar Raslan, a former Syrian colonel, has been in a German jail ever since he was arrested in Berlin in mid-February last year. He is accused of committing crimes against humanity and on Thursday is going on trial at the Higher Regional Court in the southwestern German city of Koblenz"

"In a statement published on he Koblenz court's website, German prosecutors describe what they believe happened at the place Raslan worked, Branch 251 of the Syrian military intelligence service, in Damascus: Between April 2011 and September 2012, at least 4,000 prisoners were tortured there, including with beatings, electrocution and sexual assault. Detainees were denied medical treatment and often food. Cells were so over-crowded that sometimes it was impossible to sit or lie down"


Syyriassa kidutusmestausvideolla esiintynyt palkkasoturiryssä tunnistettu.

The Russian investigative newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, has identified a Russian Wagner Group contractor as the man responsible for the torture and beheading of a Syrian national back in 2017.

The newspaper named the alleged torturer as Stanislav Yevgenyevich Dychko. He had been hired as a reconnaissance gunner by the Russian government-linked Wagner mercenary company. However, when a video of the reported execution first surfaced last fall, the Kremlin said that it “has nothing to do with the Russian military operation in Syria.”

In the gruesome video that surfaced on social media, four Russian-speaking men were filmed beating the screaming victim with a sledgehammer and then beheading, dismembering, and setting fire to the Syrian man.

The victim was later identified as Muhammad “Hamadi” Abdullah al-Ismail from the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. He had fled to Lebanon to escape the Syrian civil war. Upon his return to Syria, he was forcibly conscripted into President Bashar al-Assad’s army, but he deserted.
Wagner mercs in Syria. (Novaya Gazeta photo)
The victim was accused of being a jihadist because he attempted to flee his post and one of his torturers can be heard saying that “this will happen to every member of ISIS.”

During the video, the Wagner men were recorded cutting into the unresponsive victim as they said, “Cut him harder, come on! Just break his spine! Use a shovel.”

“Keep the legs, we’ll hang him by the legs,” the newspaper quoted them as saying. Another leaked video shows the masked men dousing an upside-down body with fuel and lighting it on fire. The men then kicked his head, asking if they were going to play soccer that day.

There was likely a second victim of the torture, Novaya reported, referring to another severed head seen in the footage they obtained.

The torture site was geolocated as the al-Shaer oil fields in Homs, central Syria, according to British and Syrian news outlets. The al-Shaer oilfields were allegedly part of a deal between a Syrian state oil company and a Russian military contractor (Evro Polis). The deal aimed to share profits from the oil refineries taken from the Islamic State. Evro Polis is said to be a front company for Wagner in Syria.

The Wagner Group is owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a catering magnate often referred to as “Putin’s Chef” due to his close links to President Vladimir Putin. Russia does not officially recognize the role of private contractors like Wagner, which has been conducting the lion’s share of Russian proxy operations all over the globe, including Ukraine, Syria, Africa.

Novaya Gazeta reported that Dychko was born in 1990 and joined the Wagner Group in February 2016 shortly after his discharge from the Russian Interior Ministry.

“As far as we know, Mr. Dychko is alive and well today. He’s not hiding from anyone and is not wanted by anyone,” the newspaper wrote.

“Hide your face… Forget it, this video won’t appear anywhere,” one of the men filming the brutal torture is heard telling the others. But the video of the incident did get out and the newspaper is pushing for the Russian government to act upon this.

“If the previously published footage did not impress the Russian Investigative Committee’s staffers and the investigators didn’t see any signs of a crime, then we suggest that you watch more,” Novaya Gazeta wrote before publishing two new videos of the incident.

But as mentioned above, the Putin government has distanced itself from the incident and has taken no responsibility. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said last fall that he had not seen the footage, but added, “I am certain that this has no relation to Russian military operations in Syria.”



"President Vladimir Putin is letting his impatience show with Syrian ally Bashar al-Assad, who isn’t proving as grateful for being kept in power by Russian intervention in his country’s brutal civil war as the Kremlin leader needs him to be. "

"Assad’s refusal to concede any power in return for greater international recognition and potentially billions of dollars in reconstruction aid prompted rare public outbursts against the Syrian president this month in Russian publications with links to Putin "

"The warnings from Moscow reflect frustration among Russia’s business community at the failure to gain entry into the Syrian economy, said a diplomat who tracks Syria. Russia is also aware of how difficult the situation is in the country, with Assad’s failure to provide essential goods because of the coronavirus pandemic and the problem of corrupt networks risking some kind of revolt in certain areas in the future, the diplomat said. "

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Israelin puolustusministeri: Ajamme Iranin ulos Syyriasta

Arno Rydman | 29.04.2020 | 23:55- päivitetty 30.04.2020 | 07:54

Naftali Bennettin mukaan Israel jatkaa hyökkäyksiä Syyriassa toimivia iranilaisjoukkoja vastaan.

Israelin asevoimat pyrkii ajamaan iranilaisjoukot pois Syyriasta, kertoo Israelin puolustusministeri Naftali Bennett.
– Olemme aikaisemmin estäneet Irania vahvistamasta sotilaallista läsnäoloaan Syyriassa ja nyt pyrimme ajamaan Iranin ulos maasta. Me emme lopeta, Bennett toteaa tiedotteessa.
– Me emme salli enempien strategisten uhkien kasvavan rajojemme toisella puolella ryhtymättä toimiin. Me viemme taistelun vihollisen luo.

Moni on tulkinnut Bennettin tiistaisen lausunnon olleen vahvistus sille, että Israel oli Syyriaan maanantaina tehdyn ilmaiskun takana. Hän ei kuitenkaan nimenomaisesti vahvistanut Israelin roolia iskussa, kertoo The Times of Israel.

Ilmaisku tehtiin Damaskoksen lähellä olevaa lentokenttää vastaan. Neljän Iranin tukeman taistelijan ja kolmen siviilin kerrotaan kuolleen. Iranin tukemia asejoukkoja vastaan on tehty Syyriassa useita ilmaiskuja viime viikkojen aikana.

Iran tukee Syyrian sisällissodassa Syyrian hallitusta. Syyriassa on paljon Iranin asevoimien ja vallankumouskaartin sotilaita sekä niiden tukemia miliisijoukkoja ja ääriryhmiä. Israelin ase- ja ilmavoimat ovat tehneet Syyriassa viime vuosina satoja iskuja näitä vastaan. Israelin tavoite on estää Irania kasvattamasta vaikutusvaltaansa Syyriassa.

Bennett kehotti sunnuntaina radiossa ihmisiä seuraamaan uutisia Israelin asevoimien operaatioista Syyriassa toimivia iranilaisjoukkoja vastaan.
Israelin hallitus pitää Iranin läsnäoloa Syyriassa uhkana. Iranin kerrotaan pyrkivän vakiinnuttamaan sotilaallinen läsnäolonsa Israelin pohjoisrajoilla.
Israel on myös uhannut ryhtyä sotilaallisiin toimiin estääkseen Irania toimittamasta Libanonissa toimivalle Hizbollah-äärijärjestölle kehittyneitä aseita, kuten ohjuksia.



Venäläiset IT-järjestelmät tutkineen tehottomia iippojen iskuja vastaan, mutta tuoreemmat kiinalaiset tutkat paikkaavat tilannetta, Syyriasta kantautuu.

Syria says Russian missile defence system ‘ineffective’
May 1, 2020 at 2:47 pm

The Syrian military has criticised the Russian S-300 missile defence system, saying that it is largely ineffective against Israeli air strikes, reported yesterday. A Syrian military source told the Russian outlet that the radar used on the S-300 and the Pantsir-S systems has proven to be incapable of detecting and hitting Israeli cruise missiles on numerous occasions.

This is not the first speculation about the effectiveness of these air defence systems, as they date back to the Soviet era and were supplied to the then USSR’s Syrian Baathist ally from the 1960s to the 1980s. They don’t bear comparison with more recent systems that Russia has manufactured, such as the S-400.

Radars which do work, however, are reportedly those manufactured and delivered by China in recent years, such as the long-range JY-27 and JYL-1 systems as well as the LLQ120 radar which detects low-altitude targets. These, the Syrian military has said, work successfully in their detection of Israeli missiles and help the success of some Russian air defence missiles. A potential solution, according to, could be to import more Chinese radars to work in conjunction with the Russian missiles.

Throughout Syria’s ongoing civil war, Israel has regularly carried out air strikes in order to destroy military sites, bases and facilities belonging to Iran and its proxies, who have been supporting the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. The Israelis want to prevent the creation of a land corridor from Iraq through Syria to Lebanon, by which Iran would transport arms, equipment and fighters.

The latest of these strikes took place last night, when Israeli helicopters fired on sites in southern Syria, causing limited damage. Another incident took place today when missiles reportedly hit a military cache in the western city of Homs, causing explosions. Syria has denied that this was an Israeli strike, however, saying that it was caused by “human error”.

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Venäjä varmasti antaa tyyliin MIG kaksykkösiä ihan ilmaiseksi varaosineen jos hyötyvät itse tuloksista. Itseäni lähinnä pohdituttaa se mitä hyötyä noista koneita ylipäätään on. Vastustajalla kuitenkin muutakin kuin Sergeitä vastassa. Omasuoja olematonta vanhoissa migeissä. Kenties Allah ainoa toivoa antava ja sekin light versiota, kun assadilaiset vähempi fanaattista seurakuntaa.