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60 years after the Suez Crisis: Burial places of three soldiers still unknown
In October 1956, the IDF invaded the Sinai Peninsula: During the operation, 182 IDF soldiers were killed. Three of the soldiers’ burial places are still unknown to this day. 60 years after the operation, the IDF still hopes to figure out what happened to them.

Less than eight years after the War of Independence, Israel conducted an extensive military operation, with the assistance of France and Britain, against Egypt: During the operation, which is commonly known as the Suez Crisis, Operation Kadesh or the Sinai War, the Sinai Peninsula was invaded and occupied by Israel. However, the Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt shortly after due to international pressure. This year will mark the 60th anniversary of the operation.

Among the IDF soldiers who were killed during the operation were three soldiers whose bodies were never located- and their burial places are still unknown. A stone has been placed at Mount Herzl in their memory but the IDF’s Missing in Action Accounting Unit still studies their cases, in hopes of finding out what happened to them.





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