USSR hyökkäys suunitelmat v 1944 vs Suomi


Soviet Offensive Plan
In fact, the Soviets were planning a massive offensive, their “fourth strategic strike” of 1944, to deal with Finland once and for all. Four Soviet armies would be used. On the Karelian Isthmus the Leningrad Front with the Soviet 20th and 23rd armies under General Govorov would launch the main attack (1). In Eastern Karelia the Karelian Front under General Meretskov with the Soviet 7th and 32nd armies would then launch an attack (2), hoping to trap the Finnish forces in Karelia. In both cases the objective was to surround and destroy the main part of Finnish forces. Once these two forces had joined, they would press on to break the Finnish secondary defence lines on the 1941 border (3). In the north the Soviet 26th Army would launch a series of local attacks to break through from Kiestenki to Oulu (4). If the Finns did not surrender the 20th Army would press on to occupy Helsinki (5), which was to be done by 15 July.

By June 1944 the Soviets had massed considerable forces on the Karelian Isthmus (well over 10% of their total military strength!) under the command of army General Leonid Govorov, an expert in assault warfare, who had commanded Soviet forces during much of the siege of Leningrad. The 21st Army included 30th Guards Corps as well as 97th, 108th, 109th and 110th Corps with 15 divisions. The 23rd Army had 6th, 98th and 115th Corps, with 9 divisions

In addition there were 8 Tank Regiments, 4 Tank Brigades and 9 Assault-Gun Regiments, a total of 628 tanks and assault-guns. During the fighting a further 3 Tank Regiments, 1 Tank Brigade and 2 Assault-Gun Regiments were committed, or an additional 224 tanks and Assault-Guns. The total of 852 armoured fighting vehicles included IS-2, ISU-122, ISU-152 assault guns and predominantly T34 and T-70 tanks. Two artillery divisions from the Stavka Reserve plus divisional guns meant there were some 2851 artillery pieces and mortars in the Karelian Isthmus. The ground forces were supported by over 1000 aircraft from the Soviet 13th Air Army. Added to this, there were another four corps, and sixteen divisions (though less than half the total of tanks), with the 7th and 32nd Armies in Eastern Karelia


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