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China Gives Over 250 Military Trucks To Cambodia
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - China has promised more than 250 new military trucks to Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen said May 31, signaling deeper military cooperation between the two nations.

Hun Sen said a donation of 257 military trucks and 50,000 military uniforms was agreed during a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Shanghai earlier in May.

"They are all brand-new trucks... from the factory," Hun Sen said during a ceremony to open a Chinese-funded bridge.

The trucks will arrive in Cambodia June 18 and then be featured in a parade, said Hun Sen, who went on to praise Chinese leaders for "talking less, but doing a lot" to help Cambodia.

The announcement of Chinese military aid comes after the U.S. in April stopped a shipment of military trucks to Cambodia as punishment for sending ethnic Uighur asylum-seekers back to China in defiance of international appeals.

Cambodia in December deported the 20 Uighurs, members of a largely Muslim minority group in western China, even though they were seeking U.N. refugee status and said they would face torture if returned.

The decision to deport the Uighurs came a day ahead of a visit by Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, during which he agreed $1.2 billion in aid and loans to Cambodia with Hun Sen.

Beijing has rejected accusations that the generous aid package was linked to the move.

China, a former patron of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, now eclipses many of the impoverished country's other donors with hundreds of millions of dollars in largely-unconditional aid and donated military equipment.
Kumpi ehtii ensin... Kiina vai venäjä? :a-rolleyes:

China will build 4-6 aircraft carriers, F-15 carrier aircraft has been flight
June 2, 2010 issue of “Jane’s Defense Weekly” magazine published in Washington correspondent Ted – Parsons (Ted Parsons) of the article, the article entitled “China test carrier-based version of F-11B prototype” . Jane’s said that China FYJS military site has revealed a new version of the F-11B photos canard wing and the short of caudal and other features are consistent with the SU -33, Jane’s also noted that China develop its own carrier version of F-11B at the same time, it may also purchase Su -33, is also possible that China’s use of carrier-based version of the F-11B to promote further bargaining with Russia. Jane’s also speculation that 4-6 aircraft carriers in China and the rapid construction of aircraft carrier construction program is perhaps the result of orders for Russian Su -33.

The article first said that Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (Shenyang Aircraft Corporation) airport showed pictures of looks: China now is testing a F-11B fighter prototype carrier-based version of the early.

Jane’s article said that China FYJS military site on May 20 revealed the photos show a new version of the F-11B aircraft, with the front wing Gaixing Ji obvious “duck”-style wing, relatively short caudal (Editor’s Note: China Forum called it “F-15″ carrier-based fighter). These features are produced by the company and the Russian Sukhoi SU -33 line carrier aircraft, and reported consistent with Shenyang over the years trying to “copy” of the model.

Jane’s article goes on to say, the latest pictures in this group before, there is a group of pictures show, the PLA Naval Air Force (PLANAF) forces in the procurement of land (non-carrier) of the F-11B aircraft. In late August 2009, several Chinese military forum for the dissemination of a web site on anecdotes, said carrier-based version of the F-11B has already begun testing new network message is implied, and now may also include slip jump (off) test.

Jane’s said, however, the latest photos appeared in China only shows the existence of a prototype, as the prototype is equipped with folding wings, it is not clear, although there is a photo showing the end of hook block, but can not make this final conclusion. As the aircraft prototype in the end is equipped with the Russian “Saturn” (Saturn) the company’s Al-31 turbofan engine, or equipment of the Chinese-made Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Corporation WS-10A “Taihang” engine, is still not sure, Jane s comments that followed, which experienced the “chaos” of the development process, there is a late 2009’s reported that the first flight of the prototype two-seat F-11BS leaves the engine off and crashed.

Jane’s article goes on to say, the Russian side since the beginning of 2005, “China needs to meet the Soviet -33 restart talks with the Chinese production line,” Jane’s comment to the issue, the Russian side has repeatedly stressed that China’s ability to master many of them the necessary machine body improvement (technology) to the J -11 / SU -27 into a secure carrier-based fighter, skeptical. They also realized that China obtained from the Ukraine, a T-10K or Su -33 prototype. In August 2009 Moscow air show, there is news that China has to purchase about 40 for improved SU -33 and the cost of restarting production lines with suitable, this message also hinted that China is developing its own ship F-11B version contains the same time, it may also purchase Russian-made Su–33. Of course, also possible that China has used the F-11B carrier-based version of the successful to promote further bargaining with Russia.

Jane’s concluded that the potential demand of China’s aircraft carrier may be a favorable factor for Russia. Hong Kong, China in early 2009, news sources revealed that, in addition to being converted Dalian receiving aircraft carrier Kuznetsov addition, Beijing is considering the construction of 4-6 aircraft carrier. China in Dalian and Shanghai are the new shipyard capable of building aircraft carriers; while (China) the result of the rapid construction of aircraft carriers is perhaps the Russian Soviet -33 orders.
Pakistan begins submarine procurement talks with China
China's vice-president, Zheng Dejiang, met with civil and military leaders in Pakistan on 9-10 June in a visit surrounded by reports of a major new defence deal under discussion that would see Pakistan buying at least three Chinese submarines.

Speaking to Jane's on 9 June, a senior Pakistani government official said the Pakistan Navy began discussions with "the Chinese authorities last month for an eventual submarine deal" for up to three or four boats, but declined to specify the types or terms under discussion.

China has a long history of helping Pakistan overcome shortages of key military hardware, notably the hardware it was denied by the Western world following sanctions imposed from 1990 in response to Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme.

The Pakistani government official who spoke to Jane's on 9 June said that it was vital for the navy to acquire more submarines to offset "the pressure we will definitely come under" due to the rapid expansion of India's naval capability. "Our Chinese brothers have always come to our help and we are asking them for assistance once again," he said.

Although neither China nor Pakistan have ever publicly revealed the terms of their past financial arrangements, defence analysts say that China continues to offer long-term loans to Pakistan on concessional terms, allowing the country to continue with its military hardware purchases.
Latest Chinese 093 SHANG Class Nuclear Submarine

En ymmärrä miten joku voi pitää tuota Victor III-luokan sukellusveneen kopiona. Näyttää enempi jenkkien Los Angeles-luokan sukellusveneeltä kuin miltään venäläisten vehkeeltä...


Los Angeles
Medium shipboard air-cushion craft debuts on open sea
The shipboard air-cushion craft is leaving its mother ship to sail towards the blue sea for the first time. (Photo by Zhong Kuirun)

  Recently, the 6th Chinese naval escort taskforce conducted a ship-craft coordination exercise. During the exercise, the first air-cushion craft of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) slipped out from the stern trimming flap of the “Kunlunshan” dock landing ship and sailed towards the blue sea to conduct practice on such subjects as entering and leaving mother ship and maritime navigation and have a simulated escort exercise with a merchant ship passing through the training waters. This is the first time for the medium shipboard air-cushion craft of the PLA Navy to carry out training on open sea since its launching last December.

  It is learned that this type of air-cushion craft is the first model of medium shipboard air-cushion craft the PLA Navy has been formally equipped with which marks that PLA Navy has realized leapfrog development of being directly equipped with air-cushion craft of above 100 tons from null. It is also the first craft of the PLA Navy involving a large amount of aviation equipment with nearly 90% of equipment on the craft coming from the aviation field.

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US report claims China shoots down its own satellite
BEIJING - For the second time in three years, China has shot down one of its dysfunctional satellites with a missile, US-based Foreign Policy magazine reported in its latest issue.

The destruction of the satellite, which reportedly happened in January, shows China's defensive missile ability, the magazine said.

China's Ministry of National Defense has yet to comment on the report.

The reported firing took place at almost the same time as a successful missile interception test that China conducted on Jan 11.

The website of Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV said the anti-satellite missile test, if confirmed, is likely related to the missile interception test, which occurred at the peak of a dispute between Beijing and Washington on a massive US arms sales deal to Taiwan.


Ihmeellistä etteivät venäläiset ole kehittäneet tuollaista tekniikkaa.
Recent Satellite Images of the result of an static ASBM-test.

Kuva saattaa olla tosin jostain muustakin testistä.
Marokon huhutaan ostaneen 150kpl VT1-A mallisia panssarivaunuja kiinasta.

Kiinan vastaus amerikkalaisen F-22 Raptor:iin

US says China's military has seen secret expansion
The growth of China's military is shrouded in secrecy which could give rise to "misunderstanding and miscalculation", a US defence department report says.

China has been upgrading its land-based missiles, expanding its submarine force and nuclear arsenal, the Pentagon's annual report to Congress said.

It also said that China has extended its military advantage over Taiwan.

The report confirms US concerns about the rapid growth of China's military.

China has 1,150 short-range ballistic missiles and an unknown number of medium-range missiles, the report says.

The billions of dollars in expenditure has been conducted largely out of the public eye, the report alleges.

"The limited transparency in China's military and security affairs enhances uncertainty and increases the potential for misunderstanding and miscalculation," it says.

Recent commentaries from the Chinese military establishment have complained about large-scale military exercises held by the US and South Korea.

They have spoken of an alleged policy of US "encirclement" that threatens China's core interests.

China has also criticised what it sees as unwarranted interference by the US in one of those core interests, China's claim to much of the South China Sea.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently told a regional summit in Vietnam that it supported non-Chinese claimants to the sea.
US commander Jeffrey Kim (R) and his crew are greeted by Vietnamese naval officers at Tien Sa port in the central coastal city of Danang The training marked 15 years of normalised relations between the US and Vietnam

The US also recently held a week of visits and training exercises with Vietnam.

Washington is also embarking on a new round of exercises with South Korea which it describes as purely defensive.

Military-to-military contacts between the US and China have been suspended and China refused to meet US Defence Secretary Robert Gates.

"It's been ambiguous over the past several months," a senior defence official told the Associated Press when asked about the Pentagon's view of its relationship with China.
Far reach

The Pentagon suggests that China's purchases show a growing military reach beyond its borders, and beyond Taiwan.

"The balance of cross-Strait military forces continues to shift in the mainland's favour," the report said, regardless of improving political and business ties with Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou.

And China was "already looking at contingencies beyond Taiwan," it says, citing work on longer-range missiles that could reach the Pacific.

"Current trends in China's military capabilities are a major factor in changing East Asian military balances and could provide China with a force capable of conducting a range of military operations in Asia well beyond Taiwan," it said.

The report alleges this reach could go beyond traditional boundaries of Okinawa in Japan and the South China Sea to Guam, mainland Japan and the Philippines.

In March this year, China said it would increase its defence budget by 7.5% to 532bn yuan ($77.9bn, £50bn), less than the usual double-digit increases.

The US annual military budget is about $700bn (£448bn).

The Pentagon said it wanted dialogue with China to avoid any "miscalculation" between the two militaries.
Bomb blast kills 7, wounds 14 in China's Xinjiang
(URUMQI, China) — A suspected bomb attack killed seven people and wounded 14 in China's far west Xinjiang region, a government official said Thursday.
The explosion occurred on a three-wheeled vehicle Thursday morning at a bridge in Aksu city in southwestern Xinjiang, said Hou Hanmin, a spokeswoman for the Xinjiang government. She said the blast is being treated as a criminal case.
Kiinalaisten paranneltu QBZ-95G
It's still in 5.8mm caliber, but at least now has a thumb operated selector/safety and a set of small accessory mounting rails on the front sight base. Plus gotten rid of that stupid trigger guard forward grip on the original variant. Timothy Yan
En ole ikinä ymmärtänyt niitä piirejä jotka pitävät Kiinan vaikutusvallan kasvua jotenkin parempana vaihtoehtona kuin Yhdysvaltoja. Amerikoissa kun likaiset totuudet tulevat auttamatta joskus päivänvaloon ja hallinto pyrkii korjaamaan politiikkaansa. Kiina taas on diktatuuri jossa ei sallita sananvapautta eikä kritiikkiä. Millä hemmetin perusteella semmoinen valtio muka olisi meille jotenkin parempi kumppani?


Kiinan hedelmät mädäntyvät


Petteri Tuohinen on HS:n Pekingin-kirjeenvaihtaja.

Kolme vuosikymmentä sitten Kiinan talousreformin arkkitehti Deng Xiaoping halusi muutoksia. Yksi uudistuksen aalloista kohdistui piskuiseen Shenzhenin kalastajakylään Hongkongin kupeessa. Shenzhen nimettiin Kiinan ensimmäiseksi erityistalousalueeksi.

Sittemmin kalastajien verkot ovat vaihtuneet teknologiapörssiin ja miljardien investoinneiksi. Shenzhenistä on tullut globaali kapitalismin metropoli. Talousalue on Kiinan talouskasvun symboli ja ylpeydenaihe. Shenzhenillä on ollut oikeus tulla rikkaaksi ennen muita, kuten Deng toivoi.

Vauraus on levinnyt myös muualle Kiinaan. Maasta on kasvanut nopeasti maailman toiseksi suurin talousmahti, ja siinä sivussa miljoonat kiinalaiset on nostettu köyhyydestä. Kiinan talouskehitys on ollut vertaansa vailla.

Sen sijaan poliittisesti Kiina on jämähtänyt menneeseen. Maata johtaa edelleen rautaisella otteellaan yksinvaltainen kommunistinen puolue. Kiinalaisella on ehkä nyt rahaa tilillään mutta ei oikeutta esimerkiksi sananvapauteen. Ihmisoikeuksia poljetaan räikeästi.

Kommunistinen puolue ei ole halunnut demokraattisia uudistuksia, koska niiden on pelätty horjuttavan valtaapitävien monopolia. Siksi moni hieraisikin korviaan kuullessaan pääministeri Wen Jiabaon elokuisesta vierailusta Shenzheniin. Pääministeri varoitti, että ilman poliittisia uudistuksia Kiina saattaa menettää 30 vuotta jatkuneen taloudellisen kehityksen kasvattamat hedelmät.

Wenin mukaan Kiinan on ratkaistava liiallinen vallan keskittyminen ja "luotava olosuhteet, joissa kansalaiset voivat arvostella ja valvoa hallitusta". Yhteiskunnasta on rakennettava oikeudenmukainen, hän lisäsi vieraillessaan Dengin jalanjäljillä Shenzhenissä.

Pääministerin näkemys vastaa toisinajattelija Liu Xiaobon kantaa, jonka takia hänet tuomittiin viime joulukuussa 11 vuodeksi vankeuteen. Kiinassa on kiellettyä puhua poliittisista uudistuksista, ainakin jos ne uhkaavat kommunistisen puolueen yksinvaltaa.

Puoluekoulun lehti myötäili vahvasti Wenin näkemyksiä etusivun jutussaan "Kansa haluaa poliittisia uudistuksia".

"Kiinalla on kirkas tulevaisuus, jos onnistumme tekemään poliittisia uudistuksia – – . Toimiminen vastoin kansan tahtoa johtaisi uudistusten epäonnistumiseen", lehti kirjoitti.

Nämä näkemykset ovat herättäneet toivoa uudistusmielisissä kiinalaispiireissä.

"Vaikka pääministerin näkemys on vain yksittäinen äänenavaus, se on erittäin tervetullut", totesi tunnettu toisinajattelija Bao Tong hongkongilaiselle SCMP-lehdelle. Bao johti 1980-luvulla poliittisia uudistuksia pohtinutta toimistoa.

Onko Kiina nyt siis viimeinkin muuttumassa demokraattisemmaksi?

Tuskin ainakaan lähivuosina, epäilevät asiantuntijat. Wenin ja presidentti Hu Jintaon aika Kiinan johdossa alkaa olla pikkuhiljaa päättymässä. Heillä on toiminta-aikaa enää parisen vuotta, eikä se riitä Kiinan muuttamiseen.

Monet myös epäilevät, että kyse on jälleen kerran vain tyhjistä sanoista ilman todellisia uudistuksia.

"Pääministerin puhe ei eroa hänen aiemmista näkemyksistään. Hän ei maininnut uudistuksista mitään tärkeää eikä yksityiskohtaista, kuten vaaleja, monipuoluejärjestelmää, itsenäistä oikeuslaitosta ja sananvapautta", toteaa pekingiläinen kirjailija ja toisinajattelija Yu Jie puhelinhaastattelussa.

Yu on itse hyvä esimerkki sananvapauden alennustilasta Kiinassa. Hän kirjoitti hiljattain kirjan Wen – Kiinan paras näyttelijä, jossa hän arvostelee pääministeriä. Kirja julkaistiin Hongkongissa, koska se on kielletty Manner-Kiinassa. Silti Yuta uhkaa mahdollisesti pitkä vankeustuomio.

Yu ei usko, että Kiinassa tehtään poliittisia uudistuksia ainakaan viiteen seuraavaan vuoteen. Kahden vuoden kuluttua presidentti ja pääministeri vaihtuvat, ja kestää ainakin kolme vuotta ennen kuin uudet johtajat vakiinnuttavat asemansa.

Sen jälkeen uudistuksia saatetaan nähdä, mikäli Hun ja Wenin seuraajilla on siihen poliittista tahtoa, Yu muistuttaa.

"En sano, että Kiinasta pitäisi tulla länsimainen demokratia yhdessä yössä. – – Mutta tosiasia on, ettei puolueessa tapahdu mitään edistystä. Päinvastoin se taantuu", Yu arvioi.
This set of photos from Wuhan confirms that Type 041B is not a replacement for the standard type 041A variant. The new Type 041B could very well turns out as a "one-off" test-bed. Time will tell.
Kiinalaiset rakensivat maailman tehokkaimman tietokoneen

Kiinalainen Tianhe-1A saa mitä todennäköisesti maailman nopein supertietokone -tittelin ensi kuussa.

Kiinan armeijan yliopiston tutkimuskeskus on rakentanut maailman tehokkaimman tietokoneen Tianhe-1A:n. Tehopakkaus ei ole yksittäinen mötikkä vaan verkosto, joka liittää yhteen tuhansia Nvidian näytönohjainsuorittimia ja Intelin Xeon -suorittimia.

Virallinen, puolivuosittain koottava supertietokoneiden top-500-lista lyödään lukkoon vasta 1. marraskuuta, mutta listaa ylläpitävän Tennesseen yliopiston mukaan puskan takaa ei ole tulossa yllätyksiä.

"Kiinalaisten tietokone on 1,4 kertaa tehokkaampi kuin nykyinen listan kärkikone", sanoo Tenneseen yliopiston tietokonetutkija Jack Dongarra The New York Times -lehden verkkosivuilla.

Kiinalaistietokone toimii Kiinan puolustusministeriön ja opetusministeriön alaisuudessa.

Maailman tehokkaimman supertietokoneen titteli antaa kyseiselle maalle ja koneen omistajalle kunnian lisäksi suoritusvoimaa sotatekniikan ja -strategian, energian, rahoituksen ja tieteen laskentatehtäviin.

Maailman tehokkaimman supertietokoneen titteli houkuttelee myös laskentavoimaa tarvitsevat huippututkijat luokseen.

Tianhe-1A:n rakenteessa eli tuhansien suorittimien liittämisessä yhteen ei ole sinänsä mitään mullistavaa. Kuka tahansa, jolla on rahkeita sijoittaa projektiin hirvittävä tukku euroja, pystyy vastaavaan.

Kiinalaiskoneen valttikortti on suorittimia yhdistävän verkon nopeus.

Kiinalaisten kehittämässä verkossa data liikkuu noin kaksi kertaa nopeammin kuin usean muun klusteri-supertietokoneen käyttämässä InfiniBand-verkossa.

Koneen huipputeho on 2,5 miljoonaa miljardia laskutoimitusta sekunnissa.

Nopein suomalaiskone löytyy tuoreimmalta, tämän vuoden kesäkuulta olevalta listalta sijalta 74.

Kone löytyy Tieteen tietotekniikan keskuksen CSC:n tiloista Espoosta.

Sen nopeus on yli 100 teraflopsia sekunnissa eli yli satatuhatta miljardia laskutoimitusta sekunnissa.
China: 'Pakistan is our Israel'
When a US delegate once confronted a Chinese diplomat about Beijing's uncompromising support for Pakistan, the Chinese reportedly responded with a heavily-loaded sarcastic remark: "Pakistan is our Israel".

But judging by China's unrelenting support for some of its allies, including North Korea, Burma, Zimbabwe and Sudan, its protective arm around these countries is no different from the US and Western political embrace of Israel - right or wrong.

While China is battling the West over exchange rates, import tariffs and its territorial claims in the South China Sea, Beijing is also lobbying furiously to stall a Western- inspired proposal for a Commission of Inquiry on possible war crimes by the military junta in Burma (Myanmar).
Kiinalainen "saattokopteri" lentelemässä.
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Kiinalainen "saattokopteri" lentelemässä.

Lieköhän sukua: http://www.militarypower.com.br/english-frame4-tiger.htm vaiko jollekin muulle vastaavalle länsi-vehkeelle?