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Sailors aboard the attack submarine USS ‘Santa Fe’ scanning through periscopes in January 2010. U.S. Navy photo

Enemy submarines remain the single most dangerous threat to the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers and its surface fleet at large. However the service is working on improving its anti-submarine warfare capabilities as the once-dormant Russian undersea force reemerges and China grows its fleet.

While anti-ship cruise and ballistic missiles often capture the lion’s share of the attention, submarines armed with Russian-made 533-millimeter and 650-millimeter waking-homing torpedoes are among the only threats that can actually sink an aircraft carrier.

“A torpedo properly placed under the right part of the keel is one of the few things that can actually flatout sink an aircraft carrier,” retired U.S. Navy Capt. Jerry Hendrix, director of the Defense Strategies and Assessments Program at the Center for a New American Security told The National Interest.

The U.S. Navy currently has around 52 attack submarines in its fleet against a requirement for 48 boats. However, even with 52 boats, the service is struggling to meet the demands of combatant commanders in the North Atlantic and the Pacific as the Russian and Chinese fleets ramp up their activities.

But the problem is that the SSN force is set to shrink to 41 by 2029.
“We reach a minimum of about 40 to 41 in the late ’20s, early ’30s before we start climbing back up out of that,” Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley, the Navy’s program executive officer for submarines, told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on July 8.

“This is not something we can we fix at this point — it’s the result of decisions made long ago.”
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China could be preparing for a paramilitary invasion in the East China Sea

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But there had been nothing like what happened August 8 when a flotilla of more than 230 “fishing boats” escorted by up to 28 Chinese Coast Guard and other law enforcement vessels virtually surrounded the Senkaku islands for several days.

It was not immediately clear exactly what message the Chinese were trying to convey, although Tokyo has been very vocal in supporting the Philippines in its legal action against China resulting in the July 11 ruling that confirmed all of Manila’s charges.

Was the latest intrusion a dress rehearsal for war?



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Kiinalainen versio pienistä vihreistä miehistä, eli miten suoritetaan aluevaltaus sadoilla "kalastusaluksilla".

Kiinan kansantasavalta havittelee valtaisia merialueita Etelä-Kiinan meren lisäksi myös Itä-Kiinan merellä. Yksi kiistellyista maa-alueista tällä merialueella on Senkaku -saaret, joiden Japani katsoo kuuluvan itselleen.

Kummallakin merialueella käydään jatkuvaa kissa ja hiiri -leikkiä merialuiden hallinnasta.

Nyt Kiinan uskotaan yrittävän puolisotilaallista invaasiota oman asemansa vahvistamiseen.

Kiina lähetti elokuun 8. päivänä yli 230 kalastusaluksen laivueen Senkaku-saarten ympäristöön. Kalastusaluksien tukena oli 28 Kiinan rannikkovartioston ja poliisin alusta. Laivue piiritti Senkaku-saaria usean päivän ajan.

Yrittääkö Kiina provosoida jonkinlaista reaktiota Japanilta? Kiinalaisiin "siviilialuksiin" puuttuminen voisi olla perustelu "puolustuksellisiin" toimiin ryhtymiselle.



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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that interference of a non-regional power in the dispute over the South China Sea can only hamper the solution of this problem.

“This is counterproductive,” Putin told a news conference late Monday after the Group of 20 summit wrapped up in China, adding that Russia supports Beijing’s stance on The Hague court ruling.

The Philippines said new surveillance images showed that Beijing is stepping up its presence in disputed South China Sea waters, raising the specter of a diplomatic clash as President Rodrigo Duterte attends his first regional summits.

Mr. Duterte’s government Monday summoned the Chinese ambassador to explain why Beijing had sent a flotilla of 10 ships, including dredgers and barges, to a shoal that an international tribunal ruled belonged to Manila. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said a Philippine military pilot had photographed the flotilla on Scarborough Shoal on Saturday. He said there was no sign of dredging work but the ships’ presence implied intent.

US President Barack Obama has urged China to abide by its obligations under an international treaty in its activities in the South China Sea.

He made the comments during a "candid exchange" with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in Hangzhou before the G20 summit, the White House said.

In July, an international tribunal ruled against Chinese claims to rights in the South China Sea.

China dismissed the ruling and said it would not be bound by it.

'His highness criticised the actions of the United States in the South China Sea, describing such measures as being in conflict with Chinese and Saudi interests.'

This was the last line of an otherwise unremarkable article published last week in the Saudi newspaper, al-Watan. The Highness referred to was Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister, and the country's most powerful figure after his father, the King. The article was published ahead of Prince Muhammad's trip to China this week to attend the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

Saudi Arabia has been deepening its relations with China for a few decades mainly because it sees China as a critical market for Saudi Arabia's oil. This is particularly important now that many of Saudi Arabia's traditional oil markets are no longer growing. In that regard the comment may have been intended to warm the Deputy Crown Prince's welcome in Hangzhou.

The Chinese are not, however, about to supplant the US as Saudi Arabia's main strategic ally any time soon. Beijing cannot supply Riyadh with the sophisticated weapons, intelligence and training that the US currently provides. Nor is it clear that the Chinese have a desire to be playing a bigger strategic role in the Middle East at the moment.

It is also worth noting that the line about the South China Sea immediately followed another comment in the article attributed to the Deputy Crown Prince. The article referred to a growing campaign in some Western capitals for the imposition of an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over its military intervention in Yemen. Prince Mohammad was quoted as saying that if Western countries stopped selling arms to Saudi Arabia it had alternatives among Asian allies, both for the import of weapons and for the export of oil.

The Deputy Crown Prince has already gained a reputation for shooting from the hip. This tendency, combined perhaps with some agitation over talk of an arms embargo, suggests his comment about the South China Sea may have been a loose rhetorical shot across America's bow.


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China has sent a coded warning to the United States to stay out of the South China Sea dispute after Beijing was again accused of building permanent structures on islands in the area.

Speaking after talks with rival countries at a regional summit in Laos, premier Li Keqiang said China wanted to work with other countries to “dispel interference” in the contested maritime zone.

But US president Barack Obama responded by warning that Beijing must abide by an international tribunal ruling that China’s sweeping claims to the South China Sea had no legal basis.


Filippiinit on kyllä aika surkean oloinen kehitysmaa. Presidenttinä joku juoppo rettelöitsijä ja armeija pärjää just ja just kerjäämällä siellä ja täällä. Niillä on varmaan joku kerjäämisen keskusministeriö. 2 laivaa USAlta, 2 Japanilta...ihan kanveesissa koko maa jo rauhan aikana...


Kiina vaarantaa kauppasuhteitaan länteen ja kyykyttää venäläisiä laivastojen yhteisharjoituksessa Etelä-Kiinan merellä. Global Timesin artikkeli, joka ei luonnollisesti millään tavoin edusta Kiinan johdon näkemystä: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1006147.shtml

"The Joint Sea-2016 drill between China and Russia started on Monday in the South China Sea. It features naval surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, marine corps and amphibious armored equipment from both navies. "Island seizing" activities, including anti-submarine operations, will feature alongside live fire drills and island defense. It is undoubtedly a joint exercise of great scale and depth."


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Filippiinit on kyllä aika surkean oloinen kehitysmaa. Presidenttinä joku juoppo rettelöitsijä ja armeija pärjää just ja just kerjäämällä siellä ja täällä. Niillä on varmaan joku kerjäämisen keskusministeriö. 2 laivaa USAlta, 2 Japanilta...ihan kanveesissa koko maa jo rauhan aikana...
Saa nähdä, miten amerikkalaiset kostavat tyypin heitot Obamalle? Jotain tulee, mutta mitä?




Saa nähdä, miten amerikkalaiset kostavat tyypin heitot Obamalle? Jotain tulee, mutta mitä?
Voi olla että odottelevat vaan mitä siellä Filippiinien senaatin tutkimuksisssa selviää. Tänään otsikoissa että Presidentti pormestarikaudellaan mm. johtanut 3000 rikollista ja poliittista vastustajaa tappanutta kuolemanpartiota sekä että olisi henk.kohtaisesti uzilla suolannut huumekaippiaita. Ei välttämättä ole kovin pitkään presidenttinä. Onhan se ihan tappajan näköinen kaveri.


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Taiwan's defence ministry has asked Google to blur images of a new development believed to be for military use on a disputed South China Sea island.

Tensions remain high in the region over conflicting territorial claims, particularly over the strategically important Spratlys chain.

Taiwan administers Taiping island, which is the largest in the Spratlys archipelago. The island chain is also claimed in part or whole by the Philippines, Vietnam and China.

Google satellite images show a circular structure with four Y-shaped attachments, jutting out to sea on Taiping's northwestern coast.

The development comes after Taiwan last year inaugurated a solar-powered lighthouse, an expanded airstrip and a pier as part of efforts to strengthen defence capabilities on Taiping.

The defence ministry said it was in the process of contacting Google Thursday to ask them to blur the satellite images, but would not comment further on what the structures are.

"It is classified information," the ministry's spokesman Chen Chung-chi said when asked the reason for the request to Google, which was made after images of the structures surfaced in local media.


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Japan says it scrambled fighter jets on Sunday after eight Chinese military aircraft flew between Japanese islands.

The planes, thought to be bombers, surveillance planes and one fighter jet, flew along the Miyako Straits, between Okinawa and Miyakojima.

China said about 40 of its aircraft had been involved in what it said was a routine drill.

The planes did not cross into Japanese airspace, but the move is being seen as a show of force by China.


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Kiinalla ei tule menemään hyvin jos he joutuvat matsiin jenkkien pilotteja vastaan. Artikkelin perusteella heillä on vahvat perinteet voimassa itsenäisen ajattelun sijasta.

China has the third largest air force in the world and may surpass the United States within the next 15 years. But in an aerial shooting war with the U.S. Air Force, Beijing will need more than aircraft — also fighter pilots with well-honed skills capable of facing off with some of the best jocks in the world.

Right now, Chinese pilots struggle. Underdeveloped tactics and training regimens which discourage initiative — among other problems — means that, as a whole, China’s top guns are less proficient than they could be.

The People’s Liberation Army Air Force is also well aware of this, and is changing the way it trains pilots, according to a recent report by the RAND Corporation, a think tank with close ties to the U.S. Air Force. These changes, over time, could do much to reduce the skill gap between the Chinese and American air forces.



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Tensions between Singapore and Beijing over the South China Sea moved to a new front this week: a tabloid newspaper.

Singapore’s ambassador to China has engaged in unusually public sparring with influential Chinese tabloid the Global Times over the city-state’s posture on regional maritime disputes.

The spat arose after the newspaper reported that Singaporean delegates at a recent international summit lobbied aggressively to add sterner language about the South China Sea to the meeting’s final communique. The requested wording, according to the Global Times, included references to a recent international ruling that rejected Beijing’s claims to certain rights in the strategic waters.

The report prompted the Singaporean envoy to criticize the Global Times, a popular Communist Party-controlled newspaper, for publishing an “irresponsible report replete with fabrications.” His protestations, however, were met with defiance from the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, who stood by the article and accused Singapore of “damaging China’s interests.”

The verbal duel is exposing anew a longstanding resentment in China, both official and popular, at Singapore’s perceived partiality in the South China Sea disputes. Beijing’s assertions of sovereignty to almost the entire sea overlap with claims from several Southeast Asian countries.

Though Singapore isn’t a claimant and has professed its neutrality in the disputes, the small island state has championed a “rules-based international order.” That has irked some in China, who see Singapore as siding with U.S.-led efforts to pressure Beijing into accepting the international tribunal ruling in July that rejected China’s claims to historic and economic rights in the South China Sea. Beijing has repeatedly denounced that ruling as illegitimate and void.




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Huolestuttava käänne.

The Philippines and the United States launch war games on Tuesday against the unusual threat of American forces being ejected from the Southeast Asian nation as its firebrand leader pivots to China.

President Rodrigo Duterte has launched a sustained verbal assault on the United States, the Philippines' former colonial ruler and mutual defence partner, since he took office on June 30 in response to criticism of his deadly war on crime.

Duterte has in recent days warned the war games will be the last of his six-year term, and threatened to scrap a defence pact implemented by his predecessor that was meant to see more US troops in the Philippines to counter Chinese expansion in the South China Sea.

"Better think twice now because I will be asking you to leave the Philippines altogether," Duterte said on Sunday as he launched a tirade against the Americans full of typical invective.

"The Americans, I don't like them... they are reprimanding me in public. So I say: 'Screw you, fuck you'," he said, while signalling again that he wanted to forge closer alliances with China and Russia.


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naapurin mukaan jenkit ovat muuttamassa laivaston taktiikoita.

The US Navy is seemingly ready to conduct operations in areas regarded as no-go missile areas, said the US Chief of Naval Operations. Such defense missile zones can be found at Russia’s and China’s coastlines.

This was announced by Admiral John Richardson during remarks made at the US Naval Institute – CSIS Maritime Security Dialogue.

He said that from now on the US Navy is “scaling down” the term ‘A2/AD’ (anti-access/area denial) from its communications.

Earlier, these areas were viewed as “an impenetrable keep out zone that forces can only enter at extreme peril to their existence, let alone their mission,” Richardson wrote in an article for the National Interest outlet.

“It’s a term bandied about pretty freely and lacks the precise definition it probably would benefit from, and that ambiguity sends a variety of signals,” he said on Tuesday.

Australian warships, planes and soldiers have begun annual joint military exercises with four strategic allies in the sensitive South China Sea region, but the Defence Force has denied the activity is aimed at sending a message to Beijing.

Around 400 Australian personnel are taking part in the three-week long "Exercise Bersama Lima" alongside counterparts from Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The annual gathering for the Five Powers Defence Arrangement (FPDA) nations is being hosted by Singapore this year, and will soon include war games in the contested South China Sea.

Australia's contribution includes the naval frigate HMAS Warramunga, 12 F/A-18A Hornets, an AP-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, an E-7A Wedgetail airborne early warning, control and surveillance aircraft as well as ground troops from the Army's Rifle Company Butterworth Infantry Platoon.

Firmat ovat alkaneet menettää rahaa konfliktin seurauksena vaikka laukauksia ei ole vaihdettu

Little did Yum Brands know in early July that an obscure international tribunal in the Hague was about to ruin its third quarter. The US fast-food giant reported its results yesterday (Oct. 5), specifically citing tensions over the South China Sea as a reason for its poor results.

Those tensions were stoked when the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands ruled in mid-July that China’s sweeping territorial claims in the South China Sea were largely invalid. Many Chinese, taught since grade school that the sea is China’s, were outraged. Protestors gathered at KFC outlets, which to many are obvious symbols of American interests. (The company plans to spin off its China division at the end of this month.)

In its statement on the quarter, the company noted that:

Sales were off to a good start in the first six weeks of the quarter in the China Division. However, anticipated tougher laps in the second half of the third quarter were compounded by an international court ruling on claims regarding the South China Sea, which triggered a series of regional protests and negative sentiment against a few international companies with well-known Western brands. If not for this event, we believe the China Division would have delivered its fifth consecutive quarter of positive same-store sales growth. The good news is the incident was short-lived and the sales impact continued to dissipate through August and September.
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