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Juu, mielenkiinnosta kannattaa itsekunkin aina katsella näitä kuvia. Joku hassukin yksityiskohta voi aina toistua ja siitä yleensä tietää, että tuo hassu pointti ei ole vahinko. Olisi hauskaa ja mielenkiintoista tietää, miten kapealla sanavarastolla nuo pelaavat keskenään....veikkaan, että kapealla.
Tuo kuvassa ollut tilanne on varmasti se, jolloin oman yksikön tunnistaminen on tärkeää. Kun siinä pyörii kaikenlaista ympärillä.

Ovat oppineet Rabinin salamurhasta paljon.



After Palestinians open fire on IDF forces carrying out maintenance work on the border fence, causing damage to a military vehicle, a tank was employed to take out a Hamas position in southern Gaza; no injuries were reported in the attack.


Shortly after, the IDF responded once again with tank fire, obliterating a Hamas position.

IDF drone crashes in southern Lebanon near border

An IDF drone crashed near the country’s northern border on the Lebanese side this evening. The IDF is investigating to determine what caused the drone to crash. Hezbollah stated that its members will search the area tomorrow for the aircraft.

Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

An Israeli drone crashed this evening (Monday) near the country’s northern fence on the Lebanese side of the border. The IDF is investigating to determine what caused the drone to crash and claims that the aircraft was not carrying any sensitive information. Hezbollah announced that due to the harsh terrain conditions, the search for the drone will only begin tomorrow.

Earlier today, JOL reported that an IDF observation balloon that was stationed above Route 443 detached from its foundation and was swept off by the wind. Immediately after soldiers reported the incident, the search for the observation device began. It was eventually located.

The investigation into the incident revealed that the winds in the area were very strong. During bursts of strong winds, observation balloons must be grounded.

Nyt Hessut ovat löytäneet lennokin:

Hezbollah locates IDF drone that crashed in southern Lebanon

A Lebanese TV station affiliated with Hezbollah reported that the IDF drone that crashed last night near the Israeli-Lebanese border has been located. The IDF is still investigating what caused the drone to crash. Hezbollah claimed that the drone is being examined.
Golan Heights: IDF soldier killed while repairing Namer APC

A soldier from the Golani Brigade was killed in the Golan Heights today. The soldier was critically injured when he was repairing a Namer armored personnel carrier. He was rushed to Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where he was pronounced dead.

Namer APC Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

An IDF soldier from the Golani Brigade was killed today (Monday) in the Golan Heights. According to the initial investigation, when the soldier was repairing a Namer armored personnel carrier, a cable snapped and hit the soldier’s face, critically injuring him.

The incident occurred at the al-Furan training base training base. A helicopter was rushed to the scene and transported the soldier to Haifa’s Rambam Hospital, where he was pronounced dead by doctors.



Tämäkin lämmittää unihäiriöisen sydäntä... vaikka olen Naftali Bennetin kanssa eri mieltä monesta asiasta, tässä on ihan asiaa välissä:



Vanhoja kuvia Israelista ottomaani-vallan loppuvaiheista noin 100 vuotta sitten...

The ancient city of Shechem, lying between the twin mountains, Ebal and Gerizim is half-way between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea

The summit of Mount Gerizim where Samaritans believe Abraham built his altar for the sacrifice of his son Isaac

The city of Shechem from the north. Shechem is the home of the ancient people, the Samaritans, who reject all of the Bible except the five books of Moses

The Cave of the Patriarchs, also known by Muslims as the Sanctuary of Abraham or the Ibrahimi Mosque, is a series of subterranean chambers located in the heart of the old city of Hebron in the Hebron Hills

A few miles to the south of Bethel is the hill of Ramah, where it was written that Saul was anointed to be king of Israel

Jerusalem from the summit of New Calvary hill. In the foreground is the northern wall of the city and the Damascus Gate

The Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives in Jerusalem - a range of hills with four summits to the east of the city

A view of Mount Gerizim from Mount Ebal, with the village of Askar at the foot of the mountain in the distance

The Hill of Moreh from the south. In the foreground is the home of a farmer and his family - a one-room house that is built of clay

The New Calvary hill from the south. It is said that this was place of execution for criminals

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. Directly in front is the south eastern corner of the modern wall, which follows the course of the ancient wall

The village of Samaria from the minaret of the mosque, along the eastern slope of the Samaritan mountain

On the north of Jerusalem, just outside the wall, is this hill called The New Calvary. This hill has been used as a Muslim burial-ground, and under the hill is a series of caves

Cedar trees in Lebanon. The demands of trade have left only a few groves of these trees remaining



A shepherd climbs the rocks on a hill which looks over the ancient town of Bethel from the south

A Muslim school in Ramah, where a teacher, with a page of the Koran in his hand, reads to young pupils seated in a circle

Directly west of Mount Hermon, and separated from it by a deep and wide ravine stands a mountain range which is known as Mount Lebanon range, pictured here. These mountains run from 6000 to 8000 feet high, with two of the peaks a thousand feet higher

The largest of the three mountains on the east of the plain of Esdraelon, is Mount Gilboa, which is seen here from the summit of the Hill Moreh. In the middle is the village of Shunem

Mount Hermon, as seen from one of the foothills on the north west. The view is in midsummer, when most of the snow on the summit has melted, swelling the little stream in front

These two people, one on horseback, the other seated on a rock, are at the ruins of Bethsaida, looking towards the Mount of the Beatitudes

Inside the Tomb in the Garden at New Calvary, where two Syrian girls from the English school are seated

A view from Hill Moreh to the town of Nazareth in the distance, over the plains of Esdraelon

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/t...ays-Ottoman-Rule-Holy-Land.html#ixzz4WAeBFhkp


Karun kaunista, koska tuon alueen metsät on hakattu, keskiajalta lähtien, roomalaisajalta vai jo aiemmin?
Eroosio on köydyttänyt nuo rinteet ja laaksot laajalti, Israelin näkyvimpiä saavutuksia on olosuhteiden palauttaminen metsille ja maataloudelle sopivaksi.
Hezbollah: IDF forces crossed Blue Line to set up surveillance device

Hezbollah claimed this morning that IDF forces crossed into southern Lebanon in order to set up a surveillance device. The IDF refused to comment on the report.

Israel's border with Lebanon Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hezbollah claimed this morning (Thursday) that the IDF crossed the Blue Line (Israeli-Lebanese border). According to the terrorist organization, IDF forces crossed into southern Lebanon in order to set up a surveillance device. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit refused to comment on the allegations, citing the IDF’s policy against commenting on foreign reports.

The terrorist organization added that the IDF forces removed a gabion was placed in southern Lebanon by the Lebanese Armed Forces while UNIFIL forces observed them. Israelis who live near the border stated that it appears that the IDF has increased its presence in the area.

Iippomies lirissä nimeämättömässä arabimaassa:

Israeli who fought against ISIS indicted for murder in Islamic country

An Israeli citizen who was fighting against ISIS in an Islamic country has been indicted for murder. The Israeli claims that the man threatened to hand him over to ISIS terrorists and that he was acting out of self-defense.

Ben Hasin Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication today (Tuesday) that an Israeli citizen who was fighting against ISIS in an Islamic country with which Israel does not have diplomatic ties has been arrested and indicted for murder.

Ben Hasin returned to his country of birth two years ago in order to visit his grandparents who still there. During his stay, he enlisted into a local militia that is fighting ISIS. As part of his job, he received a personal firearm.

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During his last leave, Hasin entered a taxi to get to his grandparents’ home. During the ride, he spoke on his cellphone in Hebrew. The driver realized that he was Israeli and deviated from the route, saying that he intends to hand him over to ISIS terrorists. In order to prevent the driver’s plans, the Israeli took out his firearm and shot him. The driver was fatally injured and the Israeli was arrested on suspicion of murder and indicted.

Hasin’s father, who lives in Israel, contacted the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry once he heard the news. The ministry representatives told him that their abilities to help him are limited but promised to try. The father was able to delay the trial several times while negotiations were held with the driver’s family in order to reach a settlement agreement. The sides decided that the Israeli family will pay the driver’s family $120,000.

The settlement agreement is supposed to be presented in court on January 29. The father, who does not have a job, is having trouble raising the money. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry told him that they do not have the authority or ability to help him.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry stated in response: “The wellbeing and safety of the Israeli citizen are our top priority. This is the reason the Foreign Affairs Ministry has been in contact with the family for a long time. We hope that the efforts of the father and the family will be successful and that the son will be released soon.”


Karun kaunista, koska tuon alueen metsät on hakattu, keskiajalta lähtien, roomalaisajalta vai jo aiemmin?
Muistaakseni ottomaanit laittoivat raskaan puuveron joskus keskiajalla, ja paikalliset hakkasivat metsät äkkiä pois etteivät olisi menneet konkurssiin. Ottomaanien pöhöttynyt hallinto edellytti raskasta verotaakkaa.


Aiheuttaako Israelin hallituksen agressiivinen siirtokuntapolitiikka vaikeuksia rajoilla?

IDF soldiers targeted from Lebanon, Gaza in separate shooting attacks

An IDF tank destroyed a Hamas target last night after gunshots were fired at IDF soldiers who were working along the security fence. In northern Israel, gunshots were fired from Lebanon at IDF soldiers near Metula.

Last night (Tuesday), the IDF destroyed a Hamas target in Gaza in response to gunshots that were fired at IDF soldiers who were repairing a part of the security fence. No IDF soldiers were injured in this incident.

A security incident occurred along Israel’s northern border near Metula last night as well when shots were fired from a car on the Lebanese side of the border toward IDF soldiers. No injuries were reported.