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Defense Distributed (DD) came out with the Ghost Gunner to help freedom-loving individuals machine 80% receivers with more precision for a garage builder. Other than buying a HAAS or similarly expensive CNC machine, the Ghost Gunner gets the job done. Well now that 80% are in danger of being restricted and regulated, DD came up with the 0% lower receiver kit. They sent one of their kits in for review so let us dive in and see how the 0% lower receiver build process is and how the receiver works.
When Defense Distributed announced a 0% lower, I was excited. When it came out, I was a little bit disappointed since the lower was broken up into three parts. The actual receiver is a $25 block of aluminum. The trigger guard/lower magwell is considered the lower lower and that along with the buffer tower ring cost an additional $85. You are in a sense paying $115 for a 0% receiver and that does not include tooling and clamps which is another $295. Defense Distributed plans to offer the code to machine the lower lower and buffer tube tower in the future. Ideally, you can 100% machine a lower from nothing more than a block of aluminum. I would have liked to have seen a single block turned into a functioning lower without having to bolt parts together but I understand why they went this route. Once the rest of the 0% lower is offered along with the proper tooling, then you can truly make an AR-15 lower out of raw blanks of aluminum.
Haulla ei ainakaan löytyny, että tää dokkari ois ollu täällä aseiden 3d-tulostuksesta.

Ovat tehneet jo 3d raketinheittimen sekä anti air-aseen.

Mitä mietteitä herättää?

Ite en oo seurannut tätä alaa yhtään mutta pitääkin lukaista threadi alusta loppuun niin pääse kärryillemissä mennään.

Viimeeksi kun uutisia 3d aseista muistan, niin silloin oli jo aseita mutta kovin montaa laukausta.

Mutta aika vaikuttavasti toimii nuo sarjatuliaseet sekä bazooka tos youtube videossa.

Myös aseidenteko-ohjeet ovat kirjana kaikkien saatavilla.
Viimeksi muokattu:
A US man has admitted he broke the law when he used 3D printers to make components converting semi-automatic guns to full auto.

Kent Edward Newhouse, 41, a convicted felon of Jacksonville, Mississippi, pleaded guilty [PDF] to two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and one count of engaging in business as a manufacturer of firearms. He had made and sold auto sears, which can be used to upgrade legal semi-automatic weapons to unlawful fully automatic ones.

Newhouse now faces up to 15 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine for each count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, as well as up to 10 years and $250,000 for illegally building and selling guns.

According to court documents [PDF], an informant notified the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in April that Newhouse was attempting to 3D print and manufacture auto sears for Glock pistols.

Just months later, in July, Newhouse told the ATF informant he had manufactured several auto sears designed for AR-style pistols and rifles, and that he wanted to sell the devices. And to prove it, the convicted felon sent over four videos showing him shooting two different fully automatic machine guns, according to the criminal complaint.

At this point, the Feds stepped in to set up a sting operation. On July 8, the confidential source met Newhouse and recorded him talking about the auto sears he wanted to sell. We're told the informant also "personally observed" a fully automatic AR pistol, four drop-in auto sears for AR-style weapons, and two pistols.

A couple of days later, a meeting was arranged at Newhouse's home to purchase four auto sears for $400.

"During this purchase, Newhouse sold the confidential source an AR-style pistol with an auto sear attached and two additional auto sears for the total cost of $1,800," according to the court documents. "These items were then recovered by the ATF."

Now detained and charged, Newhouse will be sentenced on December 2.
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