F-35 Lightning II


Ei tuo ole ryssän touhuja vaan tämä:
Pahoittelut. En ole (vielä) riittävän syvällä suossa sisäpiirissä ymmärtääkseni


Joo esim. tämä mietityttää. Miten NGJ liittyy F-35:n stand-in häirintään?
The F-35 EW capabilities are complemented by low-and mid-band Next Gen Jammer Airborne Electronics Attack, providing a lethal combination of 5th generation stand-in F-35s, along with stand-off support from the Growlers.

Ymmärtääkseni tuo tarkoittaa että Growlerit tukevat NGJ:llä myös F-35:ia.


Joo esim. tämä mietityttää. Miten NGJ liittyy F-35:n stand-in häirintään?
Kiinnitin huomiota samaan. Tehdään kaiketi molempia, häiritään stand-off ja -in.
Annetaan ymmärtää, että Growler tekee EW:a etäältä samaan aikaan, kun Salama hoitelee vihollista lähimaastossa tai -ilmastossa.
Hyvä niin, varmaan, jos on taalaa heittää molemmat ilmaan, mutta Suomen Boing & boingin -tarjoukseen toteamus ei tuone plussaa.


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Lockheed Martin selected for UK, Italy F-35 fighter weapons integration
AIR International AUG 2021

"LOCKHEED MARTIN has been awarded a US$472m contract modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-incentive-fee agreement to further develop and integrate three new weapons capabilities on the F-35A and F-35B aircraft, operated by Italy and the United Kingdom respectively.

In a June 21 announcement by the US Department of Defense (DoD), work will be split evenly between the US (50%) and at sites in Stevenage (36%), Samlesbury (12%) and Harlow (2%) in the UK. The US Naval Air Systems Command was named as the contracting authority.

European missile manufacturer MBDA has a facility in Stevenage, while BAE Systems’ Samlesbury facility is central to the UK’s contribution to the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter. It is not known whether either of these companies will be involved with the new weapons integration.

Although the weapon types were not disclosed by the DoD, in January this year the UK signed a £550m contract with MBDA to equip its F-35B Lightning II fighters with the Select Precision Effects At Range missile No.3 (SPEAR3) capability.

A January 21 release from the Royal Navy, which operates the F-35B aircraft alongside the RAF as a joint force, stated that the SPEAR3 missile would be integrated into frontline units over the next seven years. With a range of more than 140km, SPEAR3 is powered at high subsonic speeds by a turbojet engine and can operate across land and sea, day or night, for strikes on moving and stationary targets. Testing, simulation and trials will include controlled firings from an aircraft before the missile is delivered to Marham and the Portsmouth-based carriers for frontline operations.

An MBDA release at the time said that guided firings of SPEAR3 will start within 18 months from a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft, with missile and launcher production beginning in 2023."
Eli Spear 3 ainakin. Mitä muuta ovat UK B tai Ita A/B kaksi kolmesta?


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It was common in F-16 to do 2vs1 2vs2 maybe a 4vs2.
Now as an indication the very first technical intercept air story that mostly our students do is a 2vs4, so two blue air F-35 versus four enemy aircraft and that's that's the baseline.
That's mostly driven just to challenge the pilots enough to get the train because otherwise it's just not challenging enough so we train to overwhelming rather enemy forces and they are still super capable of doing that.

The same thing goes for the service threat. The F-35 is built as an offensive counter-air platform built for suppressor many enemy air defenses.
So we would like to train to those as well you know uh future or modern surface-to-air missile systems. That's that's a challenge I feel that's at least in Europe the case.
In legacy platforms we never train to that so there's no ranges for that there's no surface-to-air emitters where we can train to.
There's ways to go around that with embedded virtual training if you will that so it's displayed in the carpet.
It's not really there but to truly test and train to all the the capabilities of the jets we have we need true emitters.
That's something I know there's there's the pro programs going forward to get that going into Europe but that's where we're truly relying on.
Integration and partners we work together to build and use emitters simultaneously mostly in Europe because that's a challenge.


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No jo on hintaa kolmen aseen integroinnilla! Eikös sekä F-35 että nuo integroitavat käytä UAI:tä - pitäisi olla halpaa, mutta ainakin yhtä kallista näkyy olevan kuin JASSM:n laittaminen Hornetiin.


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Eli Spear 3 ainakin. Mitä muuta ovat UK B tai Ita A/B kaksi kolmesta?

The 3 weapons are presumably Meteor, Spear (NOT SPEAR 3 - Thats the UK MoD programme name) and Asraam Blk.6 (previously called Asraam CSP).