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Dramatiikkaa lisää sanavalinnoilla; Brittilaivasto ajoi pois venäläisaluksen. Kuitenkin se brittilaivasto koostui vain yhdestä aluksesta. Saadakseen kunnon sankarimyyttiä voisi kirjoittaa myös niinnpäin että brittialus ajoi pois venäläislaivaston.
Nykykunnolla tuo väite on myös melkein tosikin. Molemmat laivastot ovat aika kaukana parhaasta terästään. ;)
Tiedotteessa kaytetty 1. persoona kertoo kylla,mista on kysymys:
”En epäröi puolustaa vesialueitamme enkä siedä minkäänlaista aggressiota”, Iso-Britannian puolustusministeri Gavin Williamson sanoo laivaston tiedotteessa.

Uusi ministeri kohottaa profiiliaan. Edeltava kikka oli poseerata "teloitettavaksi" tuomittujen sotilaskoirien kanssa (niiden siviilistamien oli epaonnistunut, vaikka siihen oli kaytetty paljon rahaa, Siis kahden; tieda sitten kuinka monesta).
- kaytan siis samaa kielta kuin asiasta repaisseet iltapaivalehdet


ELSO 3.0
Valtio olen minä. (Ludvig neljästoista). Egoko?


Puolivuotta vanha juttu Guardian'ista, mutta edelleen ihan hyva; ensin luonnehditaan Brexit-johtokaksikkoa (PM ja VM'han olivat alunperin Remain-leiria):
skills are suited to a peculiarly British mode of advancement: the celebration of swagger and bluff over due diligence.
- Boris tuossa toinen, ja sitten paaneuvottelijan osalta jatkuu...

Davis[...]His early bravado has been tempered by recognition that aspects of the job “make the Nasa moonshot look simple”. He accepts the need for an “implementation phase” to Brexit. [...]He has forged an alliance with Philip Hammond, the cabinet’s leading advocate of the view that drastic rupture from the single market would be ruinous. But awareness of potential calamity is not proof of a strategy to avoid it.

The Apollo 11 mission is a better metaphor than the Brexit secretary realised. It took the best part of a decade to plan. It cost billions. It was delivered by forensic expertise, not cocksure improvisation. Besides, getting to the moon was only half of the job: Nasa would not have initiated the countdown without a plan to get everyone back to Earth unharmed. Yet Davis is at the controls, already firing us out of Europe’s orbit on an undefined trajectory, with a shaky grasp of the laws of political gravity.
- nykyaan Apollo 13 onkin useammin kaytetty vertailu
- hmmm, onko Mission Control patevalla vaella miehitetty... ettei jaa pilotti (ja koko saarivaltakunta) harhailemaan avaruuteen
Ei meinaa ilmatilaa riittaa kaikille:
Melkein tormaykset: suuremmat pylvaat, vain toinen osapuoli sotilaskone. Pienemmissa molemmat (eivat valttamatta samanmaalaisia, taallahan lentelee paljon jenkkienkin koneita).


In An Age Of Brexit Austerity, British Lawmakers Now Want A New Royal Yacht
A cadre of 50 conservative British lawmakers are pushing a plan to field a new royal yacht through a lottery scheme that would raise roughly 120 million pounds to fund the project. The vessel would be a "floating palace" that would work as a sort of global brand and economic ambassador for Britain and would provide “unique soft power and influence around the globe" according to MP Craig Mackinlay who is heading up the initiative.The ship would host elite gatherings that highlight British industrial, business, and humanitarian projects and it would be deployed for trade negotiations. The vessel would also be capable of hosting members of the royal family for pleasure purposes just like its predecessors.




Lontoossa oli toisiinsa liittymättömiä väkivallantekoja:
"small groups who chose to engage in disorder and violence" on New Year's Day"

"string of apparently unrelated murders"
Met Police Commander Neil Jerome said four deaths in such a short period was unusual.
Voivat olla toisiinsa liittymattomia, mutta nuo
The unrelated attacks happened in West Ham, Tulse Hill, Enfield and Old Street between 11am on December 31 and 2.30am on January 1. The victims were all aged between 17 and 20.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ath-London-New-Years-night.html#ixzz5317DpO83
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pl. Tulse Hill, jossa ilmeisesti jengitappelu paasi kasista, ovat kylla alueita, joille ei tulisi mieleenkaan lahtea vkonlopun tai edes fudismatsin iltana.


Mielenkiintoisia kommentteja:

Fedaykin January 2, 2018 at 14:41
“We also understand that there are doubts over the retention of the Phalanx CIWS by Brazil but are unsure regarding the reasons why. The vessel will remain in the UK until October or November this year.”

I can explain that easily:

1) Brazil doesn’t operate Phalanx, the cost of adopting it into service for one ship is probably not worthwhile. They will most likely strip the four Dual mount Simbad launchers fitted to the NAA São Paulo along with a few other sub systems like the MAGE ET/SLR-1X ESM Equipment fitted during the 2005-12 refit and transfer to Ocean.

2) UK MOD probably wants recycle the Phalanx Mounts on Ocean back into the fleet, as they are a bolt on item which is needed on other vessels there seems little point reducing the UK Phalanx mount pool selling them to Brazil when they don’t operate it in the first place and will more than likely take them off anyway.


  • Julian January 2, 2018 at 15:00
    Agreed. It would be crazy to sell off Phalanx when 8 T26 are planned, each needing 2 Phalanx, to replace 8 T23 that carry none. That’s +16 on the fleet Phalanx requirement without counting whatever might be on T31 plus a pool is still needed for the various RFA vessels if they aren’t all permanent fix. The RN needs all the Phalanx that it can get.


Six people have been arrested on suspicion of being members of the banned far-right group National Action.

Five men from Cambridge, Banbury, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Stockport, and a woman from Banbury were detained by police earlier.

All six are being held at a police station in the West Midlands.

Police said the suspects, aged between 21 and 37, were detained under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act as part of a planned operation.

They were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism, namely on suspicion of being a member of a proscribed organisation, National Action.

The six arrested people are:

A 26-year-old man from Cambridge
A 21-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman both from Banbury, Oxfordshire
A 28-year-old man from Wolverhampton
A 26-year-old man from Leicester
A 24-year-old man from Stockport

West Midlands Police said the arrests were intelligence-led and carried out in conjunction with a number of other counter-terrorism units across England.

"There was no threat to public safety," a force spokesperson said.

A number of properties are also being searched as part of the operation.

(huppariturpoillekin tiedoksi, nuo ovat niitä natseja)



Adm. Sir. George Zambellas, former First Sea Lord and former chief of naval staff of the Royal Navy, expresses doubt that the service can build the Type 31e frigate on budget and identifies design priorities for its during a Sept. 12, 2017, interview at the 2017 Defense and Security Equipment International conference and trade show in London. Zambellas also serves as a senior advisor at Liquid Robotics. Defense & Aerospace Report's coverage is in partnership with DSEI and Clarion Events.

Francis Tusa, editor of Defence Analysis, says the British military needs to focus on manpower, training and equipment equally in Part 2 of his Sept. 11, 2017, interview with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian. The interview was conducted at ExCeL London on “Day 0” of the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) conference and trade show, which Defense & Aerospace Report is covering in partnership with DSEI and Clarion Events.



Lynx helikopterit lähtivät eläkkeelle 40 palvelusvuoden jälkeen.

Army bids farewell to Lynx helicopter with flypast tour

The British Army has bid farewell to the Lynx helicopter with a commemorative flight.
The aircraft has been decommissioned after almost 40 years in service.
Four remaining Mk9 Lynx left from RAF Odiham in Hampshire shortly after 09:00 GMT on an aerial tour, taking in military bases and locations associated with the helicopter.
The flight culminated in a V-shaped "air procession" along the River Thames in central London shortly before 16:00.



Kenraali: Britannia jäänyt sotilaallisesti Venäjän jalkoihin
Britannian puolustusvoimien komentaja kenraali Sir Nick Carter vaatii asevoimille lisää rahaa, jotta ne pysyisivät Venäjän sotilaallisen voiman kehityksen tahdissa.
Meidän täytyy tunnustaa nämä uhat nyt, eikä vain odotella, kenraali totesi maanantaina.