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Rheinmetall’s Fieldranger family encompasses an impressive array of modular remotely controlled weapon stations (RCWS) for modern combat vehicles, the German defense company said at Eurosatory 2018, being held in Paris (France).

Fully digital and stabilized, they are designed for use in a wide variety of missions and on all types of vehicles. Operational 24/7, the Fieldranger family is the perfect solution for precise engagement of targets, while keeping the operator safe from enemy fire.

The Fieldranger family currently includes four different weapon stations. The Fieldranger Light weighing less than 75 kg and is designed for lightweight vehicles. It can be armed with a 5.56mm x 45 or 7.62mm x 51 cal. machine gun. The Fieldranger Multi, with an empty weight of around 200 kg, is suitable for tracked and wheeled tactical vehicles. It can be fitted with a support weapon such as .50 cal. (12.7mm x 99) heavy machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, enabling highly accurate fire even while on the move.

Designed for medium and heavyweight platforms and weighing around 260 kg, the Fieldranger Dual supports a main armament as well as a coaxial secondary weapon. Finally, the Fieldranger20 is a medium-calibre system armed with a 20mm x 128 cal. Oerlikon-KAE automatic cannon.


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Israeli Company Rafael promotes at ShieldAfrica 2019, its remotely operated weapon station showcasing its SAMSON Mini MLS that combines machine gun and Spike anti-tank missile launchers. Battle-proven land applications include thousands of RWS (Remotely Weapon Station) for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Czech Republic Army, the UK Royal Armed Forces, and many others.

The Samson Mini dual-axis, gyro-stabilized RWS (Remotely Weapon Station) is designed for use on light wheeled or tracked combat vehicles, fast attack boats and other platforms requiring improved offensive capabilities. The system enables target engagement with enhanced accuracy, while maximizing crew protection from enemy fire.

The Samson MLS is armed with dual weapons which can include 7.62 mm or 12.7mm machine gun and two launcher tubes for anti-tank guide missile Spike. The turret can be easily integrated to any types of combat vehicle to replace old manual turret and increase the protection for the gunner.

The weapon station can be armed with one NATO standard 12.7 mm heavy machine gun or Russian-made KPVT 14.5 mm machine gun. The Samson MLS can includes a full range of additional accessories such as laser range finder, target tracking, advanced fire control, electrical remote cocking and round counter.

The turret Samson Family is offered in six land configurations and two naval configurations. Samson RWS (Remotely Weapon Station) support diverse, interchangeable weapons and sensors including 5.56/7.62/12.7 mm machine guns, 40 mm automatic grenade launchers, anti-tank missiles, observation pods, and non lethal capabilities.

Deployed in over 25 countries under rigorous combat and environmental conditions, these robust weapon stations are a dependable force multiplier and trusted partner for the most challenging missions.


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